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Sea Grass

If you're not already familiar with Twist Collective, you should be!

Twist is an online magazine with amazing leadership
including designer extraordinaire, Kate Gilbert, as Creative Director.
It's fresh, polished and first rate in every way.
Fall '09 is Twist Collective's One-Year Anniversary issue,

and I'm thrilled that my new Sea Grass scarf (and shawl) design is in it ...

I loved developing this stitch pattern. It's actually a variation of my Adam's Ribs pattern

This is a lace pattern easy enough for a beginning lace knitter
- no charts, and the most complicated stitches required are k2tog and yo.

And it's reversible,
in fact, both sides are identical!

I like that it looks like cables from a distance

Sea Grass is available as a pdf download for $6, or as a kit.

For a Sea Grass scarf without the holes (yo's) make the following substitutions: Rows 1 and 3: Instead of yo, pick up the stitch in the row below the stitch just purled into and purl into it. Row 5: Instead of yo, M1. Row 7: Instead of yo, pick up the stitch in the row below the next stitch and knit into it.

Photography with model: Genevieve de la Plante