No knots?

Our yarn, while milled in Italy to our specifications, is all skeined, twisted, labelled and packaged here at my studio in northern Illinois. When there's not enough yarn left in a length to make a full 50-gram skein, it's used in a 20-gram skein, or a sample skein, for making the colorcards, or it goes into my personal stash. That's why I don't need to use knots. I can't guarantee that you'll never come across an inconspicuous milled splice, but I doubt if you'll ever get a knot.

Ergonomic skeins

Sunday Knits skeins are a tidy 54" around (most skeins are bigger), so even if you don't own a swift, they're very comfortable to work with - they'll fit over your knees, across the arms of a chair, or held up in the hands of a friend.


Yarns that are composed of fine fibers which are softly spun have a tendency to form pills. My 3 ply and 5 ply blends, whose fibers are super fine (their micron width approaches that of cashmere) and whose spin is especially light and lofty fall into this category. The first times that a garment is worn, when the fabric is rubbed, the finest fibers tend to worm their way to the surface, creating little fibery pills.

Happily, this early phase of pilling is just that - only a phase. The pills can be removed easily, and the fabric will "harden off" (that's a wool industry term, even though the fabric is never at all hard), and my most frequently-worn personal garments have no pills whatsoever.

Return policy

I would hate for you to feel "stuck" with Sunday Knits yarns, and so offer a liberal return policy: return any unused skeins in original condition for up to 90 days from puchase date for a refund, exchange or credit, or up to a full year from puchase date for exchange or credit only. (Yarn must have been purchased from Sunday Knits - either here at the webstore, at my studio, or a fiber show where we had exhibited. A receipt is required, and shipping charges are not refundable.)

Patterns are another matter. They are delivered as pdf download links and are not returnable or transferrable. That is, you may use them yourself, but you may not share, give away, or sell the patterns either in print form or as links.

Care and treatment of yarn

Sunday Knits yarns are made from all natural fibers. They are free of chemicals and haven't undergone any additional processing, like superwash. They should be hand washed gently and laid flat to dry. They will felt nicely, if encouraged to do so.

Care and treatment of sheep

Mulesing is an inhumane practice where a sheep's skin is cut in order to obtain more fleece during shearing. I am opposed to this practice, as I'm sure many of you are. I am assured by my mill in Italy and our purchasing agents in Australia that only fleece from humanely treated sheep goes into Sunday Knits yarns. The same humane standards are also applied to the goats who share their luscious cashmere with us.

Care and treatment of rabbits

Angora is getting a very bad rap due to extremely cruel and inhumane treatment of angora rabbits farmed in China, primarily, where rabbits are rough handled and the hair literally ripped out of their skin. Such cruelty should not be condoned! I, my mill, and our suppliers are dedicated to humane treatment of all creatures. The only angora we use is from rabbits raised on a few select farms that are certified and controlled according to DEFRA Animal Welfare standards, and their fibers are harvested only by the most humane sheering practices.

Care and treatment of our world

Our lovely animals aren't the only creatures who need taking care of. Every worker involved in bringing these fine yarns to you is treated respectfully and compensated fairly for their contribution.

In addition, we owe it to future generations to look after our beautiful planet earth, and so we've made sure that the mill where our yarn is spun and dyed is as passionate and commited to sustainability and stewardship as we are here at Sunday Knits. We've been blessed with so much ... the least we can do is take care of it!

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