Sunday Knits 3 ply gradients

Each gradient contains a mix of our 3 ply (light sport-weight) blends:
Eden (100% merino), Angelic (75% merino 25% angora),
Nirvana (90% merino 10% cashmere) and Brigadoon (merino tweed).

All our fibers are humanely sourced ...
as well as beautiful, warm and soft enough to wear against your bare skin.

Full-skein gradients includes five 50-gm skeins, 250 gm total ~ 1225 yd (1125 m) - $79
Mini gradients includes five 20-gm skeins, 100 gm total ~ 495 yd (450 m) - $45

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Colorcards - $8 - scroll to bottom of page.

Sunday Knits color palette was designed for harmony. Each color gets along beautifully with the others, and gradients fall into place quite naturally. Every one of my colorwork designs use at least one or a mix of gradients, like this Sonoma stole.

Below is a selection of some of my favorite color combinations for you to enjoy with any gradient project.

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