I've received so many lovely notes - I just have to share a few of them...

"I am working on my Tribal Shawl Kit that you sent and I am in love with the yarns, especially the Angelic. My word, what a magnificent yarn! Thanks so much for a beautiful pattern and your charting is wonderful." - W.B.

"Rekyavik pattern ... best mitten pattern ever!" - E.P.

"Long time customer. Favourite pattern designer--I learn so much and always love the finished project." - B.L.M.

"Third night without power in Oklahoma. I slept in my Milano last night. No undershirt. Warm and not itchy against the skin!!! - K.C."

"I really enjoy the test knitting process, and your designs in general. And don't even get me started on your yarn. If they told me that there could only be 1 brand of knitting yarn in the world, and let me choose, it would be Sunday Knits yarns!!"

"I appreciate the excellent service ... I like the elegance of your designs and the patterns are well written. The quality of your yarns is superb and I very much appreciate not having to stop and undo a knot as I wind the yarn into balls. With your yarns one skein = one ball." - J.M.

"Your patterns and your yarn are worth so much more than you sell them for!" - R.W.

"I am a great admirer of your work. Not only are your patterns stunning, but the instructions are written so clearly that even the most complicated technique is easily understood." - D.D.

"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed and learned from making your Nancy's Vest! And, the Angelic yarn is truly the loveliest yarn I've EVER worked with. I'm now going to make another one!" - K.P.

"One of the things I love so much about your designs (other than that they are beautiful and original), is that I learn something new (often several things) in each one. I love expanding my knitting skills and your patterns are a gorgeous and fun way to achieve that." - J.P.

"I just finished blocking Machu Picchu and I wanted to tell you how much I love this sweater. I have been knitting for 40 years and I have NEVER had a sweater that I absolutely adored until I finished this. The pattern was perfect, the sizing was right on, and the yarn is just wonderfull. Thank you for all the work you put into these designs. I will be back for more." - H.D.

"I just want to say that I love the Angelic line! I made a vest with it years ago and with washes and wears, it is still wonderfully soft and carried it shape! And best of all, it pills very very minimally!! Thank you for creating such wonderful yarn!!" - S.L.

"I am TOTALLY LOVING this yarn Brigadoon "Bark". 1st of all my favorite yarn is tweed--love love love it. But the feel of it, the way it works, the way it looks when worked, the stitch definition....I will go on and on in my next fan letter to you, but holy moly this is yarn - and pattern! (Capture the Moment) is so wonderful that I am inside on a 70 deg spring day knitting instead of outside gardening on this beautiful day!" - J. P.

"Thank you so much for your quick response! And thanks once again for your marvelous patterns (and yarn). Your patterns are always so well written, and you always include whatever info we might need in the pattern. And if by chance someone (eg., me!) can't figure something out, we can rest assured that you will get us through. Thank you so much!" - G.M.

"Love the cashmere. It is everything you described. Great quality. A joy to work with. I have used quite a few other cashmere yarns and yours is exceptional."- J.M.

"I occasionally try other yarn, but always come back to yours. It's the best!" - S.G.

"I must take this opportunity to tell you how much I LOVE your Heaven yarn. I have had some experience with cashmere (lace weight), but Heaven is a yarn apart from all others. I always advise new knitters to buy the most wonderful yarn they can afford. Heaven ... is far and away my favorite yarn...ever... and I can hardly wait to plan more projects for it!" - T.P.

"Beautiful yarn, chic, impeccably written patterns." - G.D.

"You do excellent design, especially with proportion, style, and color. I have several of your patterns. They were fun to make, are enjoyable to wear, and get many compliments." - K.B.

"I absolutely love your designs - such a delight to knit and wear." - D.A.

"Your story, the quality of your yarns, the ease of your website all helped me stay with the best of the wools and blends out there, in my opinion." - M.F.

"... awesome elegant patterns that are VERY well written" - C.P.

" Your designs are timeless, classic, yet still unique. Please keep creating." - D.D.

"Your patterns are such a wonderful knitting experience! And of course, there is no better yarn!" - V.W.

"... another beautiful and inspiring newsletter ...a heartfelt thank you for brightening my day with your newsletter and for contributing to the fiber art world in such a meaningful way." L.G.

" Love your patterns, love your yarn, love your website!" - L.D.

"One of my favorite projects will always be my Cambridge, your pattern and your yarn, the tweedy one. This was my first sort of complicated, made with really nice yarn projects not long after finding Ravelry. It stays close by to toss around my shoulders and neck, inside and outside.
Your patterns are always classy and classic and well written and your yarns are heavenly." - M.R.

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love the yarn and the pattern! They are both truly gorgeous. The yarn is such a nice quality and I never buy angora because of its awful shedding but I had a sense your French angora would be different and it is just perfect. I love it! And the pattern so beautiful too.
I never buy kits because they tend to be so expensive but yours was all so well put together and perfectly priced. All in all I'm enjoying it so much thank you." - A.H.

"I love everything about your products - beautiful yarns humanely made, clear, interesting patterns. Thank you!" - V.W.

"I really enjoy classic designs with some twists, just like you do so beautifully." - C.H..

"There's no one better with better yarn!" - D.R.

"your designs - magnificent ...your yarns - ridiculously splendid!" - J.M.

"Carol, I am in absolute awe of your design and technical gifts. Your understanding of knitting mechanics is awesome. You leave nothing to guesswork and always share some cool technique that no one else is using. I look forward to your every design because it is always stunning, exceptionally clever in its execution, and a cut above other knit designers. Thank you for sharing your tremendous gifts with the knitting world." - S.S.

"Please continue doing your thing Carol....you bring a special joy into our knitting lives." - J.B.

"I love your yarn. The colors are amazing and blend together very well. I love stripes and find it hard to find lines of yarn that have the color coordination that yours do. Your patterns are great too. I recommend you to other knitters often." - N.N.

I'm just putting the finishing touches on my white Tapestry and I want to applaud you for your precision and attention to detail in the development of that pattern. I am awed at the intricacy of the pattern and how the pieces match up when sewn. It is a beautiful pattern and I truly appreciate your effort on all of our behalf. Many thanks." - D.F.

"I'll be working on my ninth clair de lune shrug with this new order. Everybody loves their shrug so much, and I still have several more people on my list. It's so much fun to make -- I never get bored. I knitted for over 50 years and then stopped about five years ago and took up a new passion -- counted cross stitch -- but your shrug pattern has renewed my love of knitting. I'm so grateful I found you!! " - J.F.

"I want you to know that in my few years of self-taught knitting, the Pachelbel shawl and your yarn gave me the most delightful hours knitting so far. I loved knitting the shawl. I cried when I finished it and I cried when I packed it up to send away. And my dear dad's wife cried when she opened the present. She's a knitter, too, and she knew exactly what it was.
Thank you so much for your exquisite pattern and yarn. You have provided me and my loved ones much joy." - H.M.

"Your designs are superb - all to my liking! I just returned mid October from the fantastic Vogue Knitting tour to England and Wales, and am super busy knitting, inspired by workshops with Sasha Kagan, Colinette, Martin Storey, Sarah Hatton and Debbie Bliss. Your designs and beautiful yarns rank right up there with them! Glad I saved my money for yarn back here in the USA!" - E.G.

"I just received my yarn for the Sonoma Stole. Thank you for shipping it so quickly. I love the fibers and I love the color palette. And I am writing to you to let you know how much I appreciate the beautiful presentation. In a time when everything seems rushed and raw, your attention to detail is a lovely reminder of our gentle relaxing art form. Thank you!" - A.P.

"Just want to say thank you. Angelic sky's heathered color is even more beautiful in the skeins. I'm not exactly sure what I'll make or when I'll get started on it, but in the meantime I'm enjoying squishing and cuddling the yarn!
Thanks again for creating so much beauty and joy via your patterns, yarns, and great customer service. Love, D.W"

"The thing about every Sunday Knits sweater I've made ... people don't ask me if I made it, they ask me where I bought it!" - J.R.

"I just tonight finished your Kinnikinnick Wristers. A friend bought the pattern and your yarn for me for Christmas. The yarn is divine. The pattern is simple but interesting. Your technique is the Best! No one else comes close. Thank you for your wonderful patterns" - D.S., yarn shop owner

"Thank you again for your great designs you make available. Every single one of them truly is unique, gorgeous, fun to knit, well written and all give beautiful results! May you continue to be inspired and find great joy in all that you do!" - A.H.

"Just wanted to take a moment and thank you sooooo much for the beautiful package I received today!!! I've never gotten yarn packed so nicely before, and the tote was such a nice treat!! I can only describe the yarn as luscious. The color is exactly what I hoped, and it is just so, so soft!! I'm pretty much putting the rest of my projects on hold because I can't wait to see this knit up into the beautiful Cambridge!! Thanks again so much, and I will definitely be back for more!!" - J.B.

"I have to say, I don't think I've ever been so consistently impressed with one designer's patterns and I've been knitting for 48 years. I feel like a groupie! In addition to what are simply lovely-looking garments, I also love the construction detail in your sweaters, that's what seals the deal for me and makes them so desirable as far as I am concerned. If you ever issue a book, I'm sure I'd snap it up." - I.H.

"You're an original and talented designer and this pattern [Eve's Ribs] is detailed and precise, much more understandable than those I purchased in Italy, and Italian is my language!" - S.B.

"This yarn is incredible! So far, the [Sunday Scarf] pattern is requiring a lot of attention, which would normally make me want to put this one off, but I'm so addicted to this yarn that I don't care. I just want to keep knitting with it! - I LOVE THIS YARN!!!" - J.M.

"A big thank you for your email and help with "Adam's Rib". I have worn it belted, with a brooch and just open - I love the pattern, weight (not too physically heavy) and versatility. Great pattern - and I truly appreciated your support! " - P.H.

"Just a quick note to say how much I'm enjoying knitting Kelmscott! The pattern is very clearly written and way less difficult that the appearance of the finished garment would suggest! Also, your yarn is lovely ... think I'll be back for more!" - J.C.

"Thank you so much for your tremendous help and generosity - it's your commitment to quality, the finest of fibers and customer satisfaction that draws me so strongly to your products! Thank you!" - K.S.

"Thank you so much [for the Flower Wrist Purse]. This is adorable. I just want to tell you that your patterns are so well written and so easy to follow. You provide the perfect amount of detail. Thank you for sharing" - D.L.

"I must say, this yarn makes the most amazing fabric. I think the yarn and design [Mary Jane Mucklestone's Luke's Diced Vest] are making my knitting look a whole lot more accomplished. Everyone who sees it is impressed, but I really don't think it has much to do with me. In fact, the owner of my LYS took a photo and said she's going to post it on her blog and say 'this is what a serious knitter's work looks like" - I just laughed.." - K.C.

" The pattern for the Angel Wings and the charts are very clear. I am really looking forward to knitting this. Thank you for your wonderful artistic designs! And especially for making them for competent knitters and in shapes and sizes to fit many different women." - N.E.

"I can't tell you how much joy I'm getting from knitting my woodland jacket - and it's going to fit! The left front is in progress - can't wait to get to the mitred corner. BTW - love the way the short rows have come out - it's incredible. Again, I can't tell you how beautiful this is, I love the yarn and the pattern - it's better than I could have imagined." - C.C.

"Wow, what great customer service! " - N.H.

"I'm making a Sunday Scarf for just about everyone I know. I'm about to complete my third one now, and one of the things I find remarkable about your yarn (beside the softness, beautiful colors, and quality) is that I have not come across a knot in your yarn yet! Thank you so much!" - G.M.

re: Sunday Scarf kit: "What a genius (and simple) way to get "ruffle" effect!! Just love the curves!! And the yarn is so so soft and at the same time with enough firmness to give a substantial knitted fabric. The price for the yarn is a steal considering the qualify." - J.

" I must tell you how satisfying it was to knit with your lovely yarns. It is so fun to knit with not just new beautiful colors, but switching between the different fibers was an added joy. I just love your yarns. " - M.M.

"...your yarn kit arrived today. I am so excited, I can't wait to start the stole. The yarns are absolutely to die for and the feel, I can't stop touching them!!! I will be ordering more soon. I wish you all the best and no mere thanks can tell you how wonderful the yarn is. Wishing you infinite success in your business and want you to know I will be a customer for life!!! Thank you ever so much for the opportunity to knit with your wonderful yarns!! hugs" - N.D.

" The yarn arrived today; I'm thrilled with its quality and the beautiful patterns. Thanks for filling this order so quickly!" - S.S.

"My yarn arrived two days ago, and I'm totally thrilled with it. I've also never had any yarn that I've ordered arrive so beautifully packed before. " - G.D.

" Your yarn is divine, the colors are scrumptious, and service is first rate." - M.C.

" I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today. What a treat to open the box and find such beautiful yarn, packed so graciously!! Thank you so much.....it is a pleasure ordering from you and I look forward to more of your patterns and yarns in the future!! Thank You" - C.D.

"can't believe how fast my order arrived! It's amazing. Little skeins of all kinds of different yarns, beautiful packaging. I'm just so impressed." - L

"My kit came yesterday and I am over the moon with your yarn. It truly is beautiful and I love the way you package up your product. " - K.K.

"Thank you so much for sending the sample bits to try. I knitted up a gauge swatch to test whether or not the angora would tickle my nose and give me an asthma attack - it didn't. But it did make my heart sing! This yarn knitted up beautifully and was pure joy to work with. It is the loveliest yarn I've ever used. Thank you! " - J.M.

re Eden: "I've made two scarves with this yarn. It feels very smooth to knit with, shows great stitch definition and the colours are great - no bleeding while knitting and only a very mild bit in the first wash for blocking. It's my favourite yarn to use. It would be really great for a bigger garment, cardigan, vest etc. Eden is very soft against the skin." " - W. B.

"I'm almost totally finished with my Kelmscott and I have to say it is the most beautiful thing I have knitted in ages. I think I will have to wear it everywhere for the next two weeks and just take it off to have it dry cleaned every other day ... oh my gosh I'm just drooling, loving it. I have to have some special place to wear it. Now I want someone to sew me a copper colored slightly flared brocade skirt. And I need some pearls ... some new heels, drop pearl earrings, and a really handsome guy ... greek maybe ... named Dimitri ... " - M.

"Wow! I just received your package. The yarn is just lovely; it is going on my needles tonight! I can't tell you what a joy it is to work with your yarn." - R.B.

" I just have to tell you how pleased I am with the first designs. They were such fun to knit." - M.O.

"I received the Holly and Poinsettia Mittens/Pueblo Stole kit yesterday. First of all it was packaged just beautifully! The colors and the yarns are fabulous. Thank you for the beautiful kit. I will definitely order again in the future! It was my Christmas present to me." - L.S.

" la laine est arrivee... fantastique ... quelle paquet magnifique ... et l'interweave d'hiver est arrivee aujourd'hui aussi ... cet week-end ... les mitaines!!! " - I.B.

"Thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful yarn - I can't wait to start knitting with it and I look forward to picking out some more for another project(s)." - D.F.

"Your work is SO beautiful. I ordered a scarf kit and it's in line with all my other projects. I'm eager for some of your new sweaters to be ready for order. I've told everyone in my knitting group about you. Thank you for the inspiration!" - A.

re: Pueblo Stole "I just love the pattern and the yarns are amazing. Thanks so much for a beautiful project and great support!" - K.R.

" I just finished the Palindrome Scarf and what a wonderful yarn the Angelic is. The fabric the Angelic yarn makes is divine, soft and yummy, but still works for men. Love it!! " - B.W.

"My order arrived yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased. The yarn is so fabulously soft with such a subtle texture but a wonderful color that's truly hard to describe. Who could imagine that "charcoal" could be so complex? I couldn't wait to cast-on. " - H.C.

"I just received my package now...and just wanted to tell you how beautifully and very thoughtfully packaged it was...from the tissue paper surrounding it all, to the plastic around the pattern...and the pattern is lovely and the yarns...oh my, they are wonderful...so soft and such luscious colours." - J.M.

"The stole kit came today and it is gorgeous! " - H.K.

"Just got your package and the yarn is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to make this scarf/shawl - thanks for the beautiful yarn and color combo!" - M.M.

"I just got back into town & found a big box full of your beautiful yarn! Thanks very much - can't wait to get started, (and, by the way, this is really beautiful yarn)" - J.H.

"I received my new Twisted Vine Cardigan pattern in the mail today. Thank you for packaging it so nicely--how did you know I'm obsessive about wrinkles and folds in my patterns? I also wanted to say how pleased I was with the care you took to package my main order. The yarns are beautiful, and so are the color cards! I am looking forward to beginning this project." - J.M.

"Package arrived....beautiful color in the yarn, and it feels wonderful! Can't wait to get started!!!! (Two charity knitting projects due on Saturday....why do I do this to myself?" - M.C.

"I received the yarn for the cable cardigan. The color is beautiful; just what I was hoping for. It is so soft as well." - L.O.