birthday raffle!

O frabjous day! Calloh! Callay! – Lewis Carroll

It’s my birthday …

… and as you know, I usually like to celebrate by sharing some freebies and prizes with you all,

so this year we’re having a raffle!

There are lots of opportunities to win:

First prize is a Sunday Knits gift certificate for $250!
There are two 2nd prize gift certificates of $100 each
three 3rd prize gift certificates of $75 each
four 4th prize gift certificates of $50 each
five 5th prize gift certificates of $25 each
and twelve prizes of a free pattern of the winners’ choice.

To enter: Entries are limited to Sunday Knits newsletter subscribers only (to subscribe, email:
On every Sunday Knits purchase from now through August 21, you will receive one raffle entry for every $50 spent.
If you’re not making a purchase, you may enter by sending a letter or postcard to: Sunday Knits Raffle, 240 Lovesee Rd, Roscoe, IL 61073, and please let us know your name and the email address to which your Sunday Knits newsletters are being sent.

Winners will be selected in a random drawing on August 21, with each entry having an equal chance of winning. I look forward to notifying each winner a month from now, and will also post a listing of winners on my website (it will be at the “events” tab on the home page upper toolbar).

Good luck to all!!

Fun and games aside, I want you to know how much I’ve appreciated your support, friendship and encouragement over the past year. I’m able to work doing what I love, and that is because of you!

xoxo, Carol

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